IPS is distinctive as we don’t focus on workshops. Rather, we become part of your team and offer (one-on-one and group) in-house training sessions for all team members. We are here to provide your team with the necessary support and empowerment that will benefit your practice.

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About Us

The IPS team headed by Dr. Ron Weintraub offers personalized consultations to discuss and strategize the client’s individual requirements and desires. In addition, IPS conducts a fact-finding analysis whereby our team of skilled consultants analyzes data to identify areas of opportunity in both the clinical and administrative areas of the oral healthcare practice.


Operations / Practice Assessment

During our complimentary consultation phase, Dr. Weintraub and Adriana meet personally with you to discuss your ideas, concerns and future strategies.

Business Operations

IPS helps you to understand in detail all that is happening in your practice. Our process is designed to identify key areas of growth potential as well as efficiency improvement.

Staff Role Assessment

We work directly with you and your team to identify the strengths and weaknesses of these individuals and ensure that they are operating in the proper role to compliment their skill set.

Practice Forecasting

We motivate team members by encouraging them to be part of the process.  Your team knows the practice and patients better than anyone so their feedback during this process is imperative.

Questions And Answers

IPS is here to guide you and answer any questions that you may have. We are dedicated to helping our clients by training them on how to increase their production and office flow and are here to provide solutions.

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